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Weekly Giving Records

How to Submit Weekly Giving Records

Your cash count team should complete a giving count sheet and provide the count sheet to our team for review. Each count sheet should have the signatures of at least two counters who verified the funds match the count sheet. Sending us the count sheet allows us to enter the deposit into your books manually so any discrepancies between the count sheet and the bank deposit records will be noticed.

Each Sunday, someone on your team will receive an email from Karbon with a request to upload your giving count sheet. If you do not receive the email (or someone else on your team is going to submit the request for the week), simply have that person email the document(s) to

If we are entering your donations in your donor management system, please be sure to include the proper details for known cash/check donations in the documents that you send us (pictures or scans of the checks or a written list of each donation).

How long should I keep the envelopes?

If your church uses giving envelopes, we recommend retaining the envelopes (or scans of all envelopes) through the extension deadline of each tax season. For example, 2023 envelopes will be saved until October 15th of 2024. There is no legal requirement to keep the envelopes.

Please email any questions about this process to

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