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We sure can. If things have gotten a bit behind, we can get you caught up on forms, filings, or other bookkeeping.

Yes! We can schedule bill payments with your approval using the latest technology. We simply need you to make sure invoices and information gets sent to us.

Unfortunately, we can’t go to your church and count the cash received in the offering.

All billing for month-to-month work is charged automatically on the first of each month to your bank or credit card account. Out of scope or project work will be billed based on the terms of the engagement.

We don’t have any contracts. Our engagement letter asks for 30 days notice to wrap up any remaining work and transition time, but you own all of your data and software subscriptions.

The tech stack we use for your church depends on the size and needs of your church. However, we can often help you get started with technology that has little or no cost.

Our prices are based on the expected average revenue of your organization and the services being provided. Feel free to reach out and request a price proposal.

We serve churches with budgets between 0 and 5 million dollars.


Church Finance Pros is the proud owner of the Church Operations Toolkit, a program designed to help your administrative and executive staff thrive in their roles. We will soon be re-launching this membership program to provide low-cost access to great tools that will support your team on all church operational aspects.

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