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Bill Payments & Reimbursements

How to Submit Bills or Reimbursements

Unless instructed otherwise, bills and reimbursements that need to be processed can be submitted electronically by emailing a pdf of the substantiating document and expense request form (if applicable) to We do not require a specific expense request form. Please note that this inbox should not be used for items that require discussion. If your organization requires approvals for bill processing, we recommend copying your supervisor or responsible party on bill submissions.

Each bill should include:

  • Name and address of the payee
  • Email address of the payee
  • ACH info (if available)
  • Account/Class (Ministry Budget) the expense should use

This information can be written on the bill before it is scanned as a pdf or included in the body of the email when sending it.

When are bills paid?

Bills are typically processed each Thursday, though they may sometimes be processed earlier if received. To be processed on Thursday, bills should be submitted by 5:00 pm PST each Wednesday. The day/time the bills is actually disbursed will depend on the approval process.

What if my bill needs to be processed sooner?

If you need a bill to be paid faster, you may still send the bill to the same email address and copy your client manager to alert them of the time sensitive nature of the bill. If possible, consider paying the bill using your company credit card when it is urgent.

Bill Safety

Before submitting a bill for payment, please ensure the bill is authentic. Some advertisements may be laid out as a bill to trick people into making a purchase. Always be sure the bills you submit are truly owed by your organization prior to submitting them.

Please email any questions about this process to

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