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View-Only Bank Access

During onboarding we request that you provide a unique login with view-only access to your various bank accounts. While it may require more work during onboarding, there are several reasons this is important.

  1. Unique logins allows technology to create an audit history that can be reviewed in the unfortunate event of fraud or cybercrime.
  2. We can associate our contact information and enable Two-Factor Authentication to access the bank statements without coordinating a time to get a code from the client or lowering security standards.
  3. Unique logins allow our team to enforce the creation and maintenance of unique, secure passwords per our internal security standards.
  4. View-only access ensures our team is unable to move funds without your approval (through the bill pay process).

Furthermore, we carry professional liability insurance to protect the firm and our clients. If an issue ever arose over an issue with the bank, making an insurance claim would be difficult if proper precautions and due diligence were not practiced.

We appreciate your partnership in keeping high security standards.

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