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Time-Sensitive Requests

At Church Finance Pros, we understand that while accounting matters might not constitute emergencies in the traditional sense, there are udoubtedly instances where time is of the essence. We value your time and the urgency that certain situations demand. To ensure a swift and effective response, we have put together this guide outlining the steps you can take when faced with a time-sensitive service request.

Reach out to your Client Manager

If you have been working with us, you are already acquainted with your dedicated Client Manager, who is your primary point of contact. For time-sensitive requests, get in touch with your Client Manager directly. They are equipped to understand the urgency of your situation and can initiate the appropriate actions. If making a request via email, you can type “[Time Sensitive]” or “[Urgent]” before your Subject so it will stand out in our inbox.

Use an email carbon copy (cc)

In urgent issues, feel free to copy a team member’s email address as well. If one person is in a meeting or unavailable, the second person may be able to help.

Make a manual payment if needed

Most time-sensitive requests are related to making a payment or processing a payroll. In the event someone did not receive a payment they were expecting, if possible, provide a manual payment from the church (using a hand-written check) or pay via credit card.

If a payroll check needs to be written, you can estimate an amount based on the individual’s rate and hours worked (if not a salary) and subtract 20% if the employee is not a clergy for tax purposes. We can record the payroll after-the-fact and make adjustments to square up with the employee once we are available. But in the meantime, the employee will receive the majority of their pay without further issue.

Once the payment has been made, provide the details to your Client Manager and they will guide the rest of the process to resolution.

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