Your church can save hundreds of dollars a year on Quickbooks Online

Churches are eligible for a non-profit software grant to purchase the software for only $75/year via

If your church has received a determination letter from the IRS validating its 501(c)3 status, you are eligible for this price. The retail price of this software is nearly $90/MONTH. Many churches have already subscribed and started using Quickbooks Online (QBO) at the retail price and don’t realize they could be paying much less each year. 

We can help you migrate your existing data into the discounted subscription so you can cancel the retail subscription and stop throwing away money each month. 

Our QBO migration averages $630 and can be paid in one of two ways: 

1. Paying in full at the time of completion for a $30 discount (price is $600)

2. Or pay from your monthly subscription savings ($90/month for 7 months)

To get started

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