Churches can save $1000 every year by purchasing Quickbooks Online through

What is Techsoup?

Large companies like Zoom, Adobe, and Intuit (the makers of Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online) offer non-profits discounted and sometimes free software subscriptions as part of their philanthropic goals. Churches who have registered with the IRS and received a 501c3 determination letter are eligible for these software discounts. To ensure their donations are distributed properly, these companies rely on (a non-profit on its own) to validate your church’s tax-exempt status before setting up your subscription.

What is the offer for Quickbooks Online?

Quickbooks Online Plus is available as a donation to your church from Intuit, but Techsoup charges a $75 annual administration fee for managing the donation. That means you can save around $1,000 a year off the retail price of Quickbooks Online Plus by setting it up through Techsoup.

Why do we have to migrate the books?

Quickbooks Online is only available through Techsoup as a new subscription. There is no way to convert your existing retail/paid subscription into a donated subscription. However, you can migrate the data and transactions from your existing Quickbooks Online subscription to the new subscription and then cancel your old subscription.

How does the migration work?

To complete the migration, we follow a series of steps:

  1. We start by making a plan for the best migration timing. We’ll identify the best time based on your billing cycle, payroll software, bank reconciliation status, user schedule, and other factors.
  2. We will work together to ensure the subscription is ordered through Techsoup and we have access to everything that is needed.
  3. Using the software at our disposal, we will make an exact copy of all of your transactions, your chart of accounts, customer lists, vendor lists, and other financial information.
  4. After your books have been migrated, we review key reports to identify any issues with the conversion.
  5. Once the transactions have been validated, we will clean-up and restore some of the auxiliary QBO features (like connecting integrated software to the new subscription).
  6. Finally, we’ll remove extra users from the old set of books to avoid confusion about where users should be working and invite the users to the new subscription. We can also cancel your old subscription so you don’t have to keep paying for it!

When our work is complete, our goal is that you will not even be able to tell you are in a new Quickbooks Online subscription. The interruption is typically brief (lasting about one day) and the savings will benefit you for years to come.